Networking in Belleville MI

Have a networking issue? We can troubleshoot the issue and repair it for you, call 734-753-555 today!


Have a land line, VoIP, or broadcast network? Tri State Communications can install, repair, & service your products with the knowledge and the skill of our professional technicians. Over time technology is going to need to be serviced, for the growth of technology is creating faster and faster forms of exchange of information by electronic and electrical networks. Tri State Communications can keep your products running to the fullest potential.


Server roomSluggish network? Tri State Communications will make sure your office is running optimally with the current technologies available. We are in the era where computer networks are the back bone of our communication, where we get our information, run businesses, and even make phone calls from. Let us sit down with you and discuss the benefits we can add to your network to increase production and efficiency.

Repair & Service

Maintaining your products will make your business run successfully, but sometimes technology just stops working. We can troubleshoot any issue, as well as offer suggestions on how to fix the issue. We can also install a new product or repair what already exists. Let our professional technicians look at your products today to see what the issues are.

Cable Installation

Server rooms often have a lot of cable running through them. Tri State Communications will install cabling that will be orderly and will not disrupt the ability to walk in and out of the room. We take pride in our cabling so when we come to service your equipment we can easily locate the wires we need.


Need a video surveillance installed or repaired? Let Tri State Communications install or repair your surveillance. We are able to install video surveillance cameras with not time at all. Installing cameras for your office inside and out can bring peace of mind that if something were to happen, the cameras would catch it all. We also repair surveillance systems. Maybe you had water damage or a short in the wiring. We can find your issue!

Phone Systems

Phone systemTri State Communications can help your company save money by switching from a land line to a phone system, which operates over the internet. By switching to a phone system you have more freedom than traditional land lines do. With phone systems you have the ability to save voice mails through email and easily connect your office phones. 

Access Control

Want to limit who can get in to the building? We can install a lock system that would only let people in who you've granted access to. We are able to design, integrate, install, test, and troubleshoot any issue that may come up with your new access system. Call us to see what options you have available today at 734-753-5555. 

Unified Communication

Structured cabling has rapidly evolved to include the integration of unified communications across a common platform. Today, companies that wisely invest in ITS infrastructure design-build can experience significantly improved productivity and reliability in the future. Call Ti State Communications today for a free on site  

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